Friday, 8 July 2016

Readings of a clairvoyant artist

Soul Family an artwork from a reading for Kulaea 

I’ve learned there is another story to our lives, one that is more fluid and multidimensional.
A coexisting life where a future live, your higher self and human self, where your guides, angels and friends and family all intertwine in the here and now. This deeper narrative is largely unseen, except in intuitive glimpses, in meditation, dreams and daydreams and sometimes not consciously acknowledged or quickly dismissed. And as far as I can see we all have this deeper narrative; a spiritual existence as real as our physical human one.
And seeing images of people’s larger stories inspires awe and feels natural at the same time.
I will never cease to be amazed at what comes through for my clients, and if you would love to see this other side of your life please contact me for a reading.

Adam is an artist and clairvoyant channel from Melbourne, Australia. For more information on his readings click on the link below.

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